Distance selling FAQ

If you are in the business field, you must have heard the concept VAT or distance selling VAT registration. According to www.1stopvat.com, today everyone must know the concept because all the selling occurs on the online platforms. And the rules of distance selling also applies to selling via phone. Basically, they are applied in almost every selling deal across the globe, so to know the baisc rules is obligatory. Let‘s discuss them.


How distance selling relates to the business


First, if you are a seller of B2B, it doesn‘t make any difference. However, if you are selling to general public, the difference occurs. Your brand or company should have the following: trading name, adress, contact details, description of services, costs and returns. Each of these elements have to be included into your company‘s website. Of course, you should carry out distance selling VAT registration, as suggested by www.1stopvat.com team.


What to do after customer order?


Even after the orders has been placed, there are still some obligations that have to be done. Further details that has to be collected are: total cost, arrangements of delivery, address for complaints, helpline call charges. All of this information must be given to the customer.


What happens when goods are sent back?


The general rule is simple – if the customer decides that goods aren’t suitable for them, they have the right to send them back for 14 days. And they get a full refund if the product is in a good state. Your job is to do distance selling VAT registration form money mater to go smoothly.


1stopvat.com team points out, that distance selling requires all the neccessary knowledge about VAT and the matters that is related to it. If you know it all, all the troubles goes away.